KNK Zing Orbit Review: Best Crossover Cutting Machine for Small Business

The KNK Zing Orbit is the newest desktop cutting machine released from Klic N Kut in March 2017.  It’s a hefty upgrade from it’s predecessor, the KNK Zing Air.  It packs a powerful punch with a full 2.2 pounds of cutting force behind it’s blade! Pretty tough for a desktop cutter, huh?! This newest KNK cutting machine has quickly become a hit with the seasoned cutting machine enthusiasts – it ranks a full notch above the mass-market hobbyist craft cutting machines!

Best Features of The KNK Zing Orbit

  • Newest KNK cutting machine
  • Has 5 TIMES the cutting force of the best hobbyist craft cutters
  • Multi-colored LED lighting system
  • Super Quiet!
  • Automatic registration tracking
  • Adjustable pinch feed assembly
  • 30″ per second max cutting speed
  • Comes in TWO cutting width sizes: 15 inches and 24 inches
  • Single Pinch Feed Lever to raise/lower wheels
  • WiFi and USB connectivity

KNK Zing Orbit Review – Detailed Version

The KNK Zing Orbit has quickly risen to the top as a popular machine for the experienced vinyl cutter enthusiasts and for small business not yet wanting the high price tag of the professional cutter machines. There is a learning curve to this machine, but it’s worth the time spent, for all of the fantastic value in this machine!

Ready to Cross Over from a Hobby Cutting Machine to A Professional Cutting Machine?

If you’ve used your Cricut Explore Air or Silhouette Cameo machine for a few years and are ready to upgrade to the next level, the KNK Zing Orbit is a great machine for you! Instead of having standard settings, the Zing Orbit lets you have control of all the details.  This versatile machine allows you to control cutting force, blade depth and adjust the pinch feed assembly all yourself.

This is the perfect machine for a small business not yet ready to commit to the price tag of the Graphtec or Roland plotters.

It’s a Super Quiet Machine!

The great thing about this machine is it retains the low noise feature of the hobbyist machines, while cutting like a professional vinyl cutting machine! We are shocked at just how super quiet this nifty little machine is, while still cutting so precisely at each turn!  Throw any thicker material at it (think craft plastic or chipboard), and watch – it sure cuts like a charm, while barely being able to hear that it’s doing any work at all!

Multi-Colored LED Lighting

We can’t say this fun LED lighting improves the Orbit machine’s cutting, but it sure does make it a fun experience!  It is quite fun to see your pinch feed assembly all lit up with these colorful LED’s!

Two Convenient Sizes

Need to cut more than 15 inches across?  No problem.  This versatile cutting machine comes in two different widths! The 24 inch Zing Orbit Machine is available for the larger cutting jobs and the 15 inch Zing Orbit is sufficient for the 15″ or less cutting projects.

For the most part the two machines are the same, with the exception of the 24 inch machine coming with 2 metal flatbed tables for the front and back.  These tables are an extra purchase for the 15″ model.

Automated Registration Tracking

The KNK Zing Orbit’s automatic registration tracking (ART) brings more accuracy to your printing and cutting jobs.

Since the Zing Orbit model has only a single cutting head, it is able to both print and cut, but not in one step.  It needs to complete one, before you change out the blade/pen to the other for the next step.

The automatic registration technology allows the machine’s optic eye to scan the registration marks and perfectly adjust the cutting mat so the machine is set up to accurately cut after it draws. The optic eye is a great cutting machine feature that improves print and cut precision.

Cutting Software

This vinyl cutter release has improved two-way communication between the machine and it’s cutting software.  No more worries about your machine freezing and thinking mid-job thanks to the Zing Orbit’s improved communication protocol. Whew!

Since there is no software included with the Zing Orbit, we recommend Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro (SCAL4) cutting software for creating your complex professional designs for your KNK cutting machine to cut.

Here’s a video showing just how quickly and precisely the KNK Zing Orbit cuts:

Fully Adjustable Pinch Wheel Assembly

Like we said earlier, Klic N Kut has given the crafter full autonomy with this machine, to adjust not only the blade settings, but the pinch wheel assembly.  The 3 wheels of the 15″ model and 4 wheels on the 24″ model are completely adjustable to set the pinch feeding exactly as you need, depending on what material you are having the Zing Orbit cut.

KNK Zing Orbit Accessories

Klic N Kut keeps talking about the Orbitizer they are coming out with that will allow the machine to hold a sphere or cylinder and mark it.  Imagine the possibilities for creating homemade Christmas ornaments! The only disappointing thing is the Orbitizer is not available for purchase yet! This accessory is the reason the Orbit has it’s name!  We can’t wait to get our hands on this impressive accessory! We are looking forward to trying it out and letting you know what it can do!  Stay tuned for the update!

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